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Do not

Do not get this app thats all I have to say

Good but...

I loves this app but it has a few problems. One there are no boy stuff so its kinda awkward when I look at stuff when its for girl. Another problem is there are to much ads after 4 slides I get a 20seconded ad its a little annoying. All in all this is a ok game


I love it a lot but I had it for 5 weeks and I still have no followers

Amazing, but.

I love this app! Its amazing! Its a very addicting app and very creative, but theres no way to get featured. There should be a way, so when you post it shows up on the front page for about 60 seconds to see. Other than that this app is amazing!


the ads honestly make this app unenjoyable


Otherwise its a good app but there is SO MANY ADS


this app is the best. It literally makes opinions come to life I really enjoy it. I can express how I feel, I can show my opinion and we can make new friends here. Get this app, you wont regret it

Really fun

This app is a great way to show your opinions on things without being rude. I like that you can express your opinions if you want to and not be put on the spot

One of the best apps

Its a great app. When you have a chance download it. I like all of it except for all the adds. That is the one thing that irritates me the most. But other than that such a great app.

Great game! ☺️

This is a good game, and Im on it everyday. Ads arent really my problem, but its all the bullies. They always go for me, and they hate me for no reason. They never get banned, though! Please take reports seriously!

So fun

I love this app so fun to vote and it is just so fun in my opinion you should download it

No more ads

There should be a option to buy out ads

To many ads

There are WAY too many ads. I counted and every 20 seconds there is an ad. You need to work on that

❤️❤️I love this app!!❤️❤️

I have recommended this app to so many of my friends and all of them love it!! I would gladly recommend this app to you!


Way to many ads. Pop up ads every two wishbones you complete. Give us an option to have no ads. The app itself is fun to do, I recommended to my friends. 4/5 for the app The ads though. Fix it. End of story.

Super Fun!

I love the wishbone app and it is really addicting. The only problem is that the ads on this app are really annoying.


This app is the funniest game ever!

We need less ADS

Ok once i was trying to get on my profile but whenever I tap something on my phone an AD POPS OUT I had to watch 30 of those to get on to my profile☹️

A nice app but...

TOO MANY ADS!!!! UGH ruined the app when you get ad after ad!

Good but...

I love this app but... way to many ads!! And ads dont even bother me its just that they are all like 30sec!! And then I dont want to go back to the app!!

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