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Too much ads

Very long video ads !!! Hate the ads


Everyones comments disappeared, and I cant leave them any more


I used to and still love this app! I have tons of followers, and love voting on Wishbones. Today, it has been buggy. It keeps crashing and I cant see my Friends cards. Please fix RIGHT NOW!


Wishbone is a great way to express your opinion through different types of surveys. Its AWESOME


This app is so fun to use. Its not inappropriate and it has a lot of creative choices.

Really great

This app is really fun and lots of full of lots of great quizzes


Its pretty good you would have gotten another star but its not letting me post it to get featured


the amount of ads that pop up all the is unreal and they take so long to load like you cant even skip them

This game is amazing

I love this thing it is so addicting

Pretty fun!

I love this app, one of my favourites. Some things I dislike are the ads, way too long. Also, sometimes when Im voting in the friends feed, after a while, an ad will play. Then, when I exit out of the ad, another ad begins. Then it keeps happening, one ad after the other. Its really annoying. Sometimes my votes also wont be saved in the friends feed. It also takes a really long time to load comments. Please keep doing the bug fix updates! I love this app, but I dont know why I have so many problems with it. Thanks!


Okay, I dont know why but it keeps crashing after I open the app. And once it gets past the wishbone loading screen, it crashes. Please fix this as soon as possible! Its been acting like this for two days now. (iPad 3) —————————————————— Also, the DM conversations will disappear regularly. And even though I know for a fact that Im texting someone, it will show the DM box to be empty no matter how many notifications of people texting me show up.

Way too many ads

Its like every minute in ad pops up and you cant exit it like wth

Fun but interruptive ads

I really like the app, I always use it when I hv nothing to do! The only downer ABT the app is the fact that ads r constantly interrupting ur activities. Other than that this app is great and fun


Theres about that ^ many ads every 5 minutes


Like the concept there are to many ads so I deleted it...sorry wishbone good idea but terrible job advertising making people watch 1-2 minute ads.

Its the exact same thing as slingshot


Too many

I really like this but I think that you get way to many notifications. I will get two of the same ones at the same time and you dont need to tell us when someone votes on our cars thats way too many notifications.


wayyyy to many ads

Good app lots of ads

Its a good app but you can barely go 5 seconds without an ad popping up

Nice but too many adds

It is nice and cool but every 2 minutes it plays an add

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